Rabbi Shaya Hurwitz grew up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY.  Born into a long line of illustrious Rabbis, Shaya learned early on to love every Jew, for who they are.  Growing up with a father who is respected world-wide for the books he authored on Jewish Law, he is a natural in this field.   After completing his yeshiva studies in New York and France, he received his Rabbinical ordination from the prestigious Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in 2010. He spent three years in Burnoy, France and Frankfurt, Germany as a student mentor, assisting in the Yeshiva and guiding students of various backgrounds.   His responsibilities included helping the boys make the right decisions morally, and spiritually.  Very often this meant many hours of volunteering lending a listening ear, helping them in their personal lives as well.   Throughout the years, he was known for his caring attitude, as a popular counselor that would bring joy and happiness to those around him, with his warmth and candor.  Co

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veted positions, like camps in the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and Germany were handed to him, as he forged connections to all those he met.


A dynamic and vibrant Rabbi, Shaya has an exceptional knack for connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds. Shaya has always had a passion to share Judaism with youth and adults alike.  From Zeidy and Bubby, to the little one learning to pronounce his first word, Rabbi Shaya is your one stop shop of friendship and camaraderie.    Shaya combines his knowledge and love of Judaism, sense of humor and sensitivity to others, caring and compassion to create the exact image you always had of the “Perfect Rabbi!”


Mushky Hurwitz also grew up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.  Her family name is synonymous with the words giving, and helping others.  With her parents as role models Mushky has devoted herself to a life of being there, and helping another person.  She went to schools in Crown Heights, and then immediately set off to enhance the Chabad of Gothenberg community.  Her personality preceded her, and she was hand-picked to do a camp in Chevron, Israel with campers that have been affected by the fighting in their surroundings.  Her gentle nature, and unwavering standards seems to be the perfect paradox, but they work perfectly together to create a wholehearted and serene environment around her.    No matter what seems to be thrown her way, Mushky emerges with dignity, and courage.  When she worked with the elderly, they loved her, and when she ran the Hebrew day school with the little ones, she was wildly successful.   From Queens, to Israel, to Gothenberg, Mushky left a trail of happiness, and prosperity behind her. 


Mushky has always dreamt of directing a Chabad House.  From hosting Shabbat and holiday dinners to studying with bat mitzvah girls and community members, forging lifetime friendships with those who cross her path, Mushky is excited to get going.


Rabbi Shaya, and his wife Mushky look forward to sharing their passion, and  establishing Chabad of the North Fork, creating a vibrant community center where all Jews feel welcome.